Sunday, May 12, 2013

Project Hello Stranger

A couple of months back there has been this article on Straits Times which reported that Singaporeans are emotionless and unhappy. And afterwards there was a debate that was sparked off, featuring different initiatives by Singaporeans which shows that Singaporeans are not emotionless.

One of these initiatives included Project Hello Stranger. They launched off their campaign with guerilla tactics, and I think the video would tell you more about what they did: 

Basically, this group of Singaporeans hope that they are able to spread a simple message: that Singaporeans could be friendlier to one another, even among strangers. For example, greeting fellow joggers, complimenting someone's dress along the streets, or simply striking a conversation with a stranger!

They even took the effort to wake up on a weekday morning to cheer people up!

Well, why am I telling you all these??

Because, they are launching a new project and are recruiting volunteers for it!! It is definitely heartwarming to see them blasting emails on a Sunday afternoon, when most of us (including myself) are lazing away. 

To find out more about them, you could visit their facebook page. and if you're REALLY excited about joining them on their upcoming project (see screenshot below for details), do email them at

I'm sure they'll be more than glad to meet new friends, and so will you!! 

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