Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wild Birthday at the Singapore Zoo!

Exams are finally over, and I've finally gotten round to uploading photos on to the computer and start blogging. For a start, did you know that the Wildlife Reserves (Singapore) has birthday specials?! Within your birthday month, you can simply present your identification at the Zoo, Night Safari, River Safari or Jurong Birdpark for free entry! I'm not exactly sure about the rest, but for the zoo, a free scoop of ice cream can be claimed from the Ah Meng Restaurant and upon presentation of your birthday badge, you are entitled to a 10% discount at food outlets (including KFC) within the zoo!

A screenshot from the Zoo's Webpage

The badge they issued me at the ticketing counter. The staff at KFC were observant enough to spot me wearing my badge and give me a 10% discount although I totally forgot about it!
The ice cream that was claimed from the drinks' stall at Ah Meng Restaurant. There's Ben and Jerry's there, but  don't get your hopes high. Also, in case you'd think that eating at  a food court-alike place would be the cheapest option within the zoo, it would be more worth it to dine at KFC instead because food items at Ah Meng Restaurant were exorbitantly overpriced.  

Before you start scrolling on to view the photos, perhaps I should make a mention: although the Singapore Zoo has been prided for bring the best zoo in the world because of its convenience, facilities, range of animals and maintenance of the animals and compounds, it perhaps lacks the 'safari' feel because almost all the animals are in natural enclosures. This means that you'll feel very far from the animals and you would have to wait for a couple of minutes before the animals decide to show themselves from a corner of their enclosure. There are some animals which are free-ranging (mostly the apes, monkeys, racoons and such), and the fragile rainforest gives you a close-up with the animals. The australian outback also gives you a close-up with kangaroos. 

If you'd prefer being closer to the animals, the Night Safari is a good alternative because the tram rides bring you really close to the animals, and it saves you all the walking!

Be greeted by this (free-roaming) animal walking up and down the vine as you pass the first section of the zoo. Just be sure you don't stand right beneath it because I do recall some liquid dripping down from it.  
In the earlier part of the day, the otters were comfortably cuddled up under the logs and none of them were out. Later in the afternoon, close to their feeding time, these cutie pies were out eagerly waiting for their food and ran after whoever they deemed as a zookeeper (and they were awesome at recognising theem!)

At the animal show (12.30pm), a member of the audience was challenged against an Orang Utan to de-husk a coconut. No cookies for guessing who owned at it. 
The last time I visited the zoo I didn't recall these black-and-white monkeys around, they have really long fur and are a beauty to look at.
Our friend decided to cat walk and pose for the camera!
Friendly chimps

These antelopes were seated randomly within a family of baboons, which made them a little hard to spot, so keep a lookout!

The kangaroos were all relaxing under the cool weather, and it was rare that we finally spotted one of them roaming around!
This picture of the pygmy hippos never fails to make me go 'awww'!
Mr. White Tiger has been pacing the same area for YEARS and for once, Ms. White Tiger is taking a bath!
Babiruse (Pig-deer), which looks more like a warthog.
I've always found the malayan tepir one of the cutest animals ever! look at the cute little tail. 

I LOVE ZEBRAS. They never fail to amaze me with the contrast their shiny coat present!  
Caught these tall fellas during lunch time.

King of the Jungle.
The fragile rainforest is a part of the zoo you can visit to get a close-up with the animals: mousedeers, parrots, butterflies, and even friendly lemurs that don't mind you patting/massaging them (refer to picture below)! If you love butterflies and want to have them fluttering around you, take the stairs up to the viewing deck where you'll get to see bats hanging from branches and LOTS of butterflies too.

Meerkats! I have an obsession for meerkats. Isn't this guy so adorable?

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